Is Crypto Hyperverse a Scam Or Legitimate

Is Crypto Hyperverse a Scam Or Legitimate

If you’ve been looking for a decentralised financial platform, you’ve probably come across the
term Crypto Hyperverse. It offers a rewards system hyperverse app, but does it offer anything more? Is Crypto
Hyperverse a legitimate platform or is it just another scam? If you’re looking to invest, you may
want to keep reading. This article will explain everything about this decentralised financial
platform. You’ll also learn more about the cryptocurrency used on the platform.

Is HyperVerse (HVT) crypto a Ponzi scam? - ScamAlert Warning

Hyperverse is a decentralised financial platform
The company’s goal is to offer a decentralized financial ecosystem for digital currency investors hyperverse login.
Its name refers to its underlying concept of time travel and decentralised financial infrastructure.
Investors can invest in the Hyperverse’s native token and make a profit of as much as 300%. But
as a decentralised financial platform, Hyperverse may be a scam or a legit opportunity. You
should check its reviews before you invest.
It has its own cryptocurrency
The rapper Akon has unveiled plans to build his own city and launch its own cryptocurrency. The
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It is a Ponzi scheme
The company behind the relaunched Ponzi scheme Crypto Hyperverse is the same company
that started the HyperFund. It used the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model to scam
unsuspecting investors. HyperTech Group, the company behind the HyperFund, has recently
come under scrutiny. Recently, the FCA issued a warning against the company and singled out
HyperFund as a perpetrator of securities fraud.
It is a scam
A crypto asset exchange such as Crypto Hyperverse has been associated with the name of an
Asian conglomerate, Kalpesh Patel. This company offers a lucrative affiliate program in which
investors are encouraged to invest in tokenized assets. However, it is important to understand
that this is a ponzi scheme. It does not have the necessary documentation and owner details to
become a legitimate affiliate. Moreover, Hyperverse’s website does not provide any information
regarding the legitimacy of the company.

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